6D Optical Ergonomic Gaming Wireless Bluetooth Computer Mouse
6D Optical Ergonomic Gaming Wireless Bluetooth Computer Mouse

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MEMTEQ Wireless Mouse is a new high-grade mouse with 1600 DPI 3 adjustable levels 6 Buttons. With plug-and-play, ease-of-use, and user comfort, this wireless mouse gives you fast data transmission and no delay or dropouts.

How to set DPI:

There is a DPI Button (including DPI+/-) on the bluetooth mouse and every time you press it, it can be switched to next DPI. It is very convenient for you to adjust the DPI from 800 to 1600.


Turn on the wireless mouse after installing battery, simultaneously press and hold the "left, scroll wheel, right" buttons for about 2-3 seconds and then release, search and add this mouse on the device that you want to connect.


1. If the computer is not Bluetooth-enabled, an external bluetooth adapter is required.

2. If the mouse fails to connect your device or the connection is not stable, please ensure that there is enough power with your batteries and reinstall a Bluetooth driver for your computer.

3. There is no USB port or plug with this bluetooth wireless mouse.

You will not experience any fuss caused by USB mouse or wired mouse any more!

Package Included:

1 x Wireless Bluetooth MouseIn White Box

How to connect out Bluetooth Mouse with Computer?
Please ready instruction in our blog by clicking here

Sizeabout 113 x 72 x 39 mm
Buttonsleft, right, scroll wheel, DPI button, forward, backward
Key life8 million times