If you are having troubles using our devices, please read our suggestions below.

● The device is not working?

If oneof the products you bought from us is not working, first please make sure ifthe device is turned on.
Also check if the battery is installed correctly and full charged, if its low power please change the battery or use a new one.
Please make sure you connected device with PC USB port, if your computer still cannot recognize the receiver please restart your computer re-plug it and try again.

● Why doesn't my mouse pointer move?

The first thing to check is whether the computer and the operating system is not responding as well.
Make sure you have paired the mouse with your PCIf your Bluetooth mouse pointer doesn’t move please check if you turned on the Bluetooth connection on it and there is a red light blinking.
Using Wireless mouse you need to use it on mouse pad. Most wireless mouse should work automatically when you plug them into your computer.

● How to repair the wireless connection?
Try to connect your device to a different port. By trying the receiver on a different port, you can eliminate any issues that affect the port itself.
Please uninstall any other mouse software on your computer, course some software can conflict with your mouse.
After the receiver is re-plugged please turn off the mouse and that turn it again, and see of its working. 

● When to change the battery for my device?If your device is not responsible or has a red low power indicator blinking please charge it or change the new battery.
We advise you before starting to use any of our devices read the manual thoroughly and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If the product is not working and you cannot use it,please contact us immediately.