Tablet Car Holder Headrest Backseat Mount With 360 Degree Rotation
Tablet Car Holder Headrest Backseat Mount With 360 Degree Rotation

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The MEMTEQ tablet headrest mount, a long journey life saver, will definitely help to entertain people in the backseat and stop them from looking down on their lap and watching, freeing them from neck strains!

With fully adjustable ball joint and arms that allow a 360-degree rotation, this holder gives them the flexibility and durability to optimally use and view their device during car trips. They can enjoy their favorite music and films while sitting or lying down on the backseat. It's also a great choice for calming your children during long trips by playing music, games or cartoons.


- Fits for all tablets between 7 and 10.5 inches.

- Offers a perfect customized view of watching movies, playing games and so on.

- Holds tightly against the headrest and stays stable while driving on bumpy roads.

- Requires No Tools such as suction cups, screws, adhesives, or glue during installation.

- Folds up compactly for easy stowing in your vehicle when not in use.

Easy Installation:

1. You just need to slot the tablet holder part onto the device.

2. Then tighten the wing nut after the holder is adjusted to a correct position.

3. Loosen the two locking nuts and side them into the two bars in the headrest and tighten.(you can move each nut left and right to get a correct fit)

4. Finally stretch the grey triangles out and slot your tablet inside. (You need to put one corner in first then pull the corners apart for it to stretch to the correct size.)

Package Included:

1 x Tablet Headrest Holder

1 x Base

Size21.2 x 15.6 x 6.6 cm
Weight358 g
RotationFull 360-degree