Upgraded Toilet UV Sterilization Seat Light LED Sensor
Upgraded Toilet UV Sterilization Seat Light LED Sensor

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you have to turn the light on to go to the toilet at night?

Is the wall light so bright that you even feel offending to the eyes? But if not, you may create a mess?

The MEMTEQ Toilet Night Light will free you from the dilemma from now on! With 8 color changing soft lights, you will not miss the toilet and create a mess at night either! Besides, it's funny for kids and it helps your lovely kids go to the toilet at night without waking you up!

Great for Your Family's Health

The toilet seat light with UV sterilization kills most bacteria on your toilet bowl within 2 minutes, helping a lot in improving domestic hygiene, especially for kids in low immunity.

Energy-saving and Useful

The motion sensor toilet light turns off automatically after 2 minutes when no motion is detected! Also funny for potty training toddlers!

Waterproof and Safe

It is inevitable for the LED toilet light to be exposed to water. The IP65 waterproof design well protects the batteries and makes it more safe to use. But please DO NOT submerge it into the water.


with Any Toilets & Easy to Install Just hang the toilet bowl light on the side of your toilet with the flexible arm, no need to use a sticker and the toilet light will not fall into open toilets.

Package Included:

1 x Toilet Light

1 × Screw Drive

1 x English User Manual